More DND, less bookkeeping

How to inject intrigue into a DND Dungeon-master application

Homebrewery is an application built to assist DND dungeon-masters with the monotonous tasks involved in running a campaign. The applications features are planned to run the gamut from item-management and stat blocks to map construction.

The largest challenge we faced was developing an intriguing connection into the realm of DND. The application and execution of most brands followed a very systematic approach and similar usage that we needed to break away from.


  • Logo direction
  • Logo development
  • Custom typography

Custom fusion blackletter typography kept the visuals modern and rooted in DND fantasy lore

Blackletter brought the mind into the realm of DND. A modern take on blackletter put the brand right where it needed to be as a digital asset for DND’s future.

A DND-lore focused logomark that’ll intrigue and attract

The mark, a bar-stein mimic, is a staple of DND lore and perfectly encompasses what the digital application is trying to do. It transforms into what you need it to be so you can effortlessly craft your campaign.

Project Outcome

Perfect fit

The logo and color scheme integrated seamlessly into the digital product. As it nears completion there’s been nothing but additional layers of intrigue and complexity added because of the system delivered.

Rave reviews

All of those who’ve seen the logo in conjunction with the products testing phase have been blown away. They see it standing out and visually standing far above competitors in any sort of similar bracket.

“It's a fantastic idea, reference and has aided in the development of my product”

Joshua PotterDeveloper, HomeBrewery