High fashion. Open heart.

How to brand a high-end boutique to feel accessible for all body types

Lilly & Co is a boutique and salon catering to an upscale area. They provide the latest fashion trends across the board for all shapes and sizes.

The greatest challenge was to allow the brand to shine as upscale and premium without alienating street-traffic and those we’d still want to pop by and take a look. The emphasis had to be on feeling beautiful and wanting to show it off.


  • Logo direction
  • Logo design
  • Custom typography
  • Branding
  • Brand standards

Custom typography that feels upscale, uplifting and human

A hand-done script keeps the brand premium and avoids feeling pretentious. The angle and flow give it an essence of playfulness and humanity.

A mark that’s as pretty as a peacock

The brand wants you to leave feeling fantastic, fashionable and a bit of a showoff. The peacock reinforces the brands message to go out and be your best self without any reservations.

Project Outcome

Positive foot traffic

The store receives constant foot traffic and walk-ins. They differentiate enough that those shopping other outlets just have to stop in for a look.

No problems with the price point

The store has been allowed to maintain a premium price-point whilst being able to convey their message of inclusivity.

“Our store is at such an advantage because of the process.”

Courtney BoesOwner, Lilly & Co