Discovering the bridge

between mind & body

How to empower & educate those who can find comfort in somatic therapy

The Embodied Psyche is a podcast interview series and social media educational tool focused on the benefits of somatic therapy. The series is also posted to Youtube and other similar outlets.

The main challenge we faced is portraying the service as wholly professional and in-line with mainstream therapy whilst still being memorable and visually appealing. We needed to convey innovation, empathy and humanity without the ability to be face-to-face.


  • Logo direction
  • Logo design
  • Brand elements
  • Branding
  • Animation
  • Brand standards

A mark representing the moment you bridge the connection between mind and body

Through copious amounts of partnered research we realized the lack of emotional connection within this particular therapy space. To visualize a solution to the viewer’s problem far exceeded any overused brain visual.

Carrying the emotional connection throughout the brand

The colors, type selection, animation style and overall messaging reflected the exact moment to ensure the audience understood and felt the comfort of the solution.

Project Outcome

Empowering viewers

Tens-of-thousands viewed and listened in to podcasts and Youtube footage of somatic therapy and how it can positively effect their lives.

Attracting experts

Experts in the field lined up to have a spot being interviewed for the podcast.

“Looks good! We stand out.”

Hannah BernsteinHost, The Embodied Psyche